Scent of baby

Baby blue aqua perfume

Baby powder scent as
the soul of the perfume

Baby Blue Reed Diffuser

Can experience the time of baby powder moment from out memory in room

Baby blue soy wax candle

We provide 100% Natural SoY WAX candle, for people who enjoy the scent and our mother earth

“ Our childhood memory of simplicity, purity  and our yearning of love ”

soul note: ALDEHYDE, YlangYlang 

The essence of clarity and purity.
Clean soapy scent and a hint of citrus, wrapped with a bouquet of rose, ylang ylang and violet,
radiated with textural sandalwood and vanilla warmth.
Soft and alluring.

Baby Blue body Lotion

Perfect for dry weather
with natural oil and vitamin E

Baby Blue hand cream

Perfect Hand cream
for subtropical weather

Baby Blue Fragrance oil

Fragrance oil can be use in bath
water diffuser and car diffuser


Aldehyde is one of the popular synthetic scent used at many luxury perfume house since a hundred years ago. Aldehyde is very strong and outstanding, and sticks in our memory. It usually can be found from bath products


Citrus usually comes from the top note; it is sour and juicy. It can balance the fatty note from the aldehyde scent, and reduce the bitterness


The core floral note of Baby Blue is YlangYlang. It is a rich and sweet floral note with a little bit of fruity note, and easily recognized.


Vanilla is the scent of sweet love from our baby time; never missing vanilla if the scent is represent "LOVE"


Sandalwood note mostly presents at the bottom note for round up the perfume, after fine-tune the perfume with woody note, the perfume will be come more long lasting and luxurious


Shining star
Aqua Perfume

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french bouquet
Reed Diffuser

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Baby pink soy wax candle

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