Watermelon Soy Wax candle

We provide 100% Natural SoY WAX candle, for people who enjoy the scent and our mother earth



Introducing our watermelon fragrance, a scent that evokes the essence of a lush fruit garden. As you spritz it on, a burst of sweet, fresh watermelon and melon greets your senses, perfectly balanced with the crispness of apple and pear. The resulting blend is a refreshing and invigorating fruit juice mixture that lifts your mood.

As the fragrance settles, it reveals a subtle shift towards a more sophisticated and complex tone. The middle notes of apple and pear add a crunchiness to the fragrance, providing a sense of energy and vibrancy. This fresh fruity mix is then seamlessly blended with a base note of musk and powdery elements, creating a modern femininity that is both elegant and sensual.

Our fragrance is designed for young and happy ladies who seek a scent that reflects their personality. It’s perfect for keeping you feeling fresh and invigorated throughout the day. So why wait? Indulge in the magic of our watermelon fragrance, with its burst of sweet, fresh watermelon and melon combined with crunchy apple and pear, all blended with musky and powdery notes for a modern and elegant finish. Try it today and experience the allure of this fruity yet sophisticated fragrance!

Watermelon Aqua perfume

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Watermelon reeds diffuser

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The scent of watermelon is refreshing, sweet, and invigorating. It brings a sense of joy and playfulness, reminiscent of warm summer days and fun times with friends. When using watermelon-scented products, people feel uplifted and energized, as if they are taking a sip of a cool and refreshing drink. The scent of watermelon also evokes a sense of innocence and youthfulness, making it perfect for those who want to feel carefree and light-hearted.


The scent of melon is refreshing and invigorating. With its juicy and sweet aroma, it can instantly transport you to a tropical paradise. The fragrance of melon is uplifting and energising, making it a popular choice for many people. The sweet, fruity scent can evoke feelings of happiness and joy, and is often associated with summertime and warm weather. The aroma of melon is also believed to have calming properties, which can help to reduce stress. The scent of melon is sure to lift your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.


The scent of apple is crisp, fresh and uplifting. It evokes feelings of vitality, purity and youthfulness. The initial burst of sweet and juicy notes awakens the senses and creates a sense of energy and excitement. As the scent settles, it reveals a more complex and subtle fragrance with hints of floral and woody notes, creating a sophisticated and modern vibe. Apple scent is perfect for those who want to feel refreshed, confident and youthful.


The scent of pear is fresh, sweet, and fruity. It's a light and airy fragrance that is perfect for everyday use. When people use pear-scented products, it gives them a feeling of being refreshed and invigorated. The scent of pear can evoke memories of summertime, when the fruit is at its peak, and the air is warm and sunny. It can also bring a sense of calm and relaxation, making it an excellent choice for products like candles and bath products. The scent of pear is versatile and pleasant, making it a popular choice in the fragrance industry.


The scent of musk is warm, sensual, and captivating, making it a popular choice in perfumes and colognes. It's an earthy fragrance with a hint of sweetness, evoking feelings of intimacy and luxury. Musk has a long history of use in perfumery, dating back to ancient times, and its enduring appeal is a testament to its timeless and seductive qualities. The scent of musk is perfect for those who want to leave a lasting impression and exude confidence and allure. Its rich and alluring aroma makes it the perfect addition to any fragrance collection.


The powdery note scent is delicate and soothing, invoking feelings of comfort and nostalgia. It brings to mind the scent of freshly laundered sheets or a gentle breeze carrying the fragrance of flowers. This scent creates a calming atmosphere, making people feel relaxed and at ease. It has a gentle sweetness that is not overwhelming, adding a touch of elegance and refinement. The powdery note scent is a popular choice in perfumes, lotions, and candles, as it provides a sense of luxury and sophistication. It is a timeless fragrance that appeals to people of all ages and genders, making it a versatile and enduring scent.