White Chocolate Cake Scent Rendezvous

Vanilla Queen aqua perfume

White Chocolate Cakes
with the soul scent of luxury

Vanilla Queen fragrance oil

Fragrance oil can be use in bath
water diffuser and car diffuser

Vanilla Queen Reed Diffuser

White Chocolate Cakes
Make your room more holiday spirit

Vanilla Queen soy wax candle

Romance your room with
100% Natural SoY WAX candle

“ endless plates of cakes and white chocolates to celebrate the royal festive season ”

soul note: Vanilla, White Chocolate

The design inspiration of the Vanilla Queen is “holiday”, based on a sweet holiday with friends and family. The elements are sweet desserts, such as vanilla cake and white chocolate in combination with sweet fruits to create many layers of this fragrance. In addition, the woody notes and musky notes bring out the subtle elegance of fragrance. It is most suitable for festive use


Citrus usually comes from the top note; it can be sour and juicy. It helps to balance the sweet note from the scent of vanilla and chocolate, and refresh a super sweetness scent


Vanilla is the scent of sweet love widely used in desserts and confectionaries. It's sweetness can be used in any sweet ocassions

White Chocolate

White Chocolate is a common scent which is not easy fine from high-end fragrance products. However, the white chocolate is the soul scent in Vanilla Queen that combines cuteness and luxury together


Musk is a synthetic scent, which is a replacement of musk from musk deer for animal protection purpose. Nowadays, white musk comes
from plant. With slight base scent of white musk, it makes the perfume more rich, soft, and lady style. White Musk is one of the best note for making a long lasting perfume.


Woody note mostly is used to round up the perfume; after fine tuning the perfume with woody note, the perfume will be come more long lasting and luxurious.