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Welcome to our apple garden

Red Apple Soy Wax Candle

We provide 100% Natural base candle, for people who enjoy the scent and our mother earth

Red Apple Soy Aqua Perfume

The scent od red apple bring you back to your childhood, happiness and school time

Red Apple fragrance oil

Fragrance oil can place on water diffuser and bath to relax at home

Red Apple Reed diffuser

there are two sizes of reed diffuser for gift and refill

 ” The forbidden fruit between Adam and Eve, the poisoned beauty in Pandora’s box  “

Fruity and floral temptation.

A splash of sweet apple and sour lemon juice dripping into the freshly cut bamboo and white rose, with textural and warm undertones of sandalwood and musk. Vibrant and delightful.


Cocktail Berry
Aqua Perfume

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Reed Diffuser

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Soy wax Candle

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Compare to apple note, the scent red apple is more sweet and rich, the sole note will be similar to taste of apple juice. We want to bring you the scent of a happiness young lady in the farm enjoying a glass of fresh squeeze red apple juice

Sweet Lemon

Sweet lemon presents in the first notes of the Red Apple perfume. we decided to use the sweet and juicy parts from the scent of lemon and take the fatty part (lemon skin) away; which helps to balance the sweetness of the perfume


The scent of Bamboo Leaf is fresh and green, and it represents farm and Garden


The scent of Roses are usefully presented in the middle note of a perfume.
The scent of White Rose is more fine, sweet and floral, and less sweet.


Sandalwood note mostly presents at the bottom note for round up the perfume, after fine-tune the perfume with woody note, the perfume will be come more long lasting and luxurious