The Super Food for Our Skin

As one of the King of nuts, Sweet Almond is packed with wide range of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for a healthy skin! Sweet Almond Oil is a very mild and hypoallergenic oil, which is safe for all skin types – from sensitive to oily. It is so skin-friendly that makes it available in baby’s products. 

Containing super luxuriant vitamin A, E and unsaturated fat, Sweet Almond Oil is an efficient antioxidant, effective in protecting our skin from the ham of UV light and free radicals, smoothing wrinkles and retreating spots. The high permeability of Sweet Almond Oil enables it quickly moisturise our skin and soften cuticles and instantly soothes irritated skin. 

Benefit of Sweet Almond oil

– Fascinating skin cleanser that can remove toxins and microbes
– Super moisturiser that locks up water within our skin
– Smooth fine lines, wrinkles and skin uneveness
– Rejuvenate scarring
– Brighten up skin and dark undereye circles
– Balance skin’s oil production

Choose the SWEET one!

There are 2 types of Almond in the world that may confused you – sweet almond and bitter almond. Bitter almond is usually used for flavor and scent. Since it has potential of carrying cyanide , it is not safe to use bitter almond before any purification. Sweet almond, however, is safe and works well with human body. It’s oil can be extracted by expeller-pressed or cold-pressed. 

It is believed that almond is originated from East Asia, but it is flourished well in Eastern Mediterranean, especial Spain and Italy. Seeking for good quality and perfect products, we source the sweet almond oil directly from Spain.