Our Skin's BFF

Shea butter is the fat extracted from the nuts of Karite tree. It contains nearly 60% fat and it is highly non-saponifiable which makes it effective in softening skin. Rich fatty acids contained by Shea butter are vital elements to boost up our collagen production.
Natural Shea Butter has sufficient vitamin A, D, E and F, providing plenty of anti-aging nutrients as well as a moisturiser to our skin. The plant oil of Shea Butter can form a protective layer on our skin, preventing water loss and the harm from UV light.

Benefits of Shea Butter

– Skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types
– Super moisturiser
– Anti-inflammation and alleviate irritation
– Anti-oxidant and anti-aging
– Promote cell regeneration and reduce fine-lines

The God Gift for Africa

Shea Tree is originated from West Africa, and is an indigenous plant in dry Savanna Belt. The Shea tree grows wild in natural environment without any cultivation, irrigation or pesticides, but it still produce abundant of fruit. Our Shea butter comes from Ghana in Africa and is 100% natural.