Moon Light Shadow
Musky Floral

Moon flower Aqua Perfume

A strong Musky note with woody notes
perform soft and girly scent

Moon flower Soy Wax Candle

We provide 100% Natural base candle, for people who enjoy the scent and our mother earth

Moon Flower fragrance oil

Fragrance oil can place on water diffuser ,bath and car, relax anywhere

Moon Flower Reed diffuser

Scent in room, enjoy two months of Musky scent daily

“ Lying under the moonlight shadow, humming the cradle song, and enjoying the comfy night with scents of musk ”

Soul Note: Musky

The cradle song. Peaceful white musk is suffused with decent pleasant smell of lily-of-valley and gardenia. Enriched with smoky white woods. Calm and relaxing.


White musk is a synthetic scent, which is a replacement of musk came from musk deer for animal protection purpose. Nowadays, white musk coming from plant. Moon Flower, has heavy scent of white musk, it makes the perfume more rich, soft, and lady style. White Musk is one of the best note for making a long lasting perfume.

the valley

Lily of the valley is blossom in may, the odor is similar to sweet jasmine. we usually call it as "white floral"note.


Gardenia is so called as white floral note, but this floral also come with fresh and waxy citrus note at the beginning.


White wood note mostly is used to round up the perfume. White woody has less character, after fine-tune the perfume with woody note, the perfume will be come more long lasting and luxurious.