Super Mango for Your Skin

Mango is originated from tropical zones of South Asia and one of the popular tropical fruit around the world. Fresh and juicy mango contains super rich antioxidants and nutrients that can help us delay-aging. LISA and SARA found out, mango butter extracted from mango seed is effective for moisturising and anti-aging. Compared with other plant butter, the melting point of mango butter is 31 – 36°C, which is nearer to human temperature and making it easily melted. Small particles of mango butter also enables its fast absorption. Non-greasy texture and fresh feeling will not cause any burden to our skin or blockage of pores. This makes mango butter work wonderfully in Subtropical areas like Hong Kong!

Extracted from natural mango seed, Mango Butter contains rich vitamin C, A and Omega9. It can pump up or skin and smooth lines, giving us back a healthy youthful glow. Mango Butter can quickly be absorbed by our skin and excellent for softening skin cuticle, moisturizing and preventing dry lines. It is also effective for anti-aging and accelerating skin recovery.

Benefits of Mango Butter

– Deeply moisturise and soften our skin
– Form a protective layer on our skin
– Alleviate inflammation and reduce redness
– Smooth wrinkles and improve skin elasticity
– Delay-aging and fight with free radicals
– Speed up wound healing

The Best is found in the Tropical!

Mango is originated from the tropical Asia, therefore we source the best Mango butter from South Asia to make sure the quality. Mango butter is from dried-up flesh and seed of the fruit, by cold-pressing or solvent extraction. The butter formed is semi-solid with little sweet scent, soft and in white colour.