Golden Pear
the classic scent of pear

Golden Pear Soy Wax candle

We provide 100% Natural SoY WAX candle, for people who enjoy the scent and our mother earth



Golden Pear is a scent of a true embodiment of elegance and class. With head notes of freshly picked pear and juicy melon, combined with middle notes of sensuous rose and freesia, our perfume is an unforgettable sensory experience.

The scent of our perfume is further elevated by the base notes of musk and patchouli, which bring to life the enchanting aroma of autumn. Each note is perfectly balanced to create a fragrance that is both decadent and luxurious.

Our perfume is perfect for any occasion, from a night out on the town to a romantic dinner for two. The crisp, fresh notes of pear and melon add a playful touch, while the deeper, richer scents of rose, freesia, musk, and patchouli lend a sense of sophistication and refinement.

Experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication with our new perfume. The perfect blend of freshness and sensuality, it is sure to become your signature scent. “The scent of elegance and classic. Freshly crushed pear and juicy melon are absorbed by the sensuality of rose and freesia. The smell of Autumn is unfolded by the musk and patchouli. Decent and luxurious.”

Golden Pear reeds diffuser

Fill your space with captivating aroma that lingers infuse with our signature fragrance

Golden Pear Aqua perfume

We make luxurious perfumes by hand, tailored to your unique scent, and share them with others

Golden Pear Fragrance oil

Personalize your scent with our fragrance oils for a unique and bespoke experience


The scent of pear is fresh, sweet, and fruity. It's a light and airy fragrance that is perfect for everyday use. When people use pear-scented products, it gives them a feeling of being refreshed and invigorated. The scent of pear can evoke memories of summertime, when the fruit is at its peak, and the air is warm and sunny. It can also bring a sense of calm and relaxation, making it an excellent choice for products like candles and bath products. The scent of pear is versatile and pleasant, making it a popular choice in the fragrance industry.


The scent of melon is refreshing and invigorating. With its juicy and sweet aroma, it can instantly transport you to a tropical paradise. The fragrance of melon is uplifting and energising, making it a popular choice for many people. The sweet, fruity scent can evoke feelings of happiness and joy, and is often associated with summertime and warm weather. The aroma of melon is also believed to have calming properties, which can help to reduce stress. The scent of melon is sure to lift your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.


Experience the fresh and timeless elegance of Rose in our luxurious fragrance. The refreshing and feminine scent of fresh Rose evokes a sense of beauty and grace, while its sweet and floral notes transport you to a world of pure pleasure. Enjoy the delicate and sophisticated aroma of fresh Rose as it caresses your senses, leaving you feeling uplifted and refreshed. Let the gentle and romantic scent of fresh Rose elevate your mood and add a touch of elegance


Freesia is a delicate and fragrant flower that blooms in the spring and summer. Its scent is often described as fresh, floral, and slightly sweet. Freesia's scent is so unique that it's commonly used in perfumes and fragrances. When freesias bloom, they bring happiness and joy to any space. The bright and cheerful colors of the flowers, combined with their sweet aroma, make them a popular choice for weddings and special occasions. Freesia's scent can also evoke memories of warm summer days, picnics in the park, and lazy afternoons spent in the garden. Whether used as a standalone fragrance or combined with other scents, freesia's sweet and cheerful aroma is sure to brighten up anyone's day.


Experience the indulgent and sophisticated aroma of Cocktail Berry perfume, enriched with the delicate notes of white musk. Our experts have crafted this fragrance with the finest synthetic musk to ensure the well-being of our animal friends. Our white musk is derived from sustainable plant sources, making it an environmentally friendly option. The infusion of white musk in the base note creates a distinct richness and softness, ideal for the confident, modern woman. With its long-lasting formula, this perfume is the ultimate statement accessory that will leave a lasting impression. Discover the captivating allure of white musk with Cocktail Berry perfume today.


Patchouli is a rich and earthy scent that adds depth and complexity to any fragrance. Its warm and musky aroma is both calming and sensual, evoking a sense of exotic mystery and sophistication. The deep and woody notes of Patchouli create a luxurious and captivating fragrance that lingers on the skin, leaving a lasting impression. Its versatility makes it a popular ingredient in a variety of fragrances, from earthy and natural to sensual and seductive. Immerse yourself in the alluring and mystical scent of Patchouli, and experience the enchanting power of this timeless fragrance.