Lavender Hand Cream


Daily moisturizing 

  • Light and non-greasy texture
  • More than 95% natural ingredients
  • Protective formulation
  • For summer or daily moisturizing 
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  • Apply the hand cream when your hands feel dry then gently massage it 
  • Use it before sleep. Gently apply it and massage for absorption. Apply more and cover it with gloves when you feel very dry.
  • South Asia Mango Butter
  • Spain Sweet Almond Oil
  • Ghana Shea Butter
  • South Europe Squalane
  •  Spain Grapeseed Oil

Mango is originated from tropical zones of South Asia. It is one of the famous tropical fruits and popular among Asians. Fresh and juicy mango contains super rich antioxidants and nutrients that can help us delay aging. LISA & SARA found out, mango butter extracted from mango seed is effective for moisturising and anti-aging. Compared with other plant butter, the melting point of mango butter is 31-36, which is nearer to human temperature and making it easily melted. Small particles also enables its fast absorption. Non-greasy texture and fresh feeling will not cause any burden to our skin, and works wonders for subtropical weather areas like Hong Kong.

Squalane generally extracted from sharks, olive oil or sugarcane. Squalene is the major component of human sebum which is similar to Squalane so it can instantly penetrate your skin and forms a protective layer on your skin. The containment of Squalene start decreasing from the age of 20, your skin will be less moisturized. Squalane is colorless and transparent natural moisturizer. It is skin-friendly, easy to absorb and excellent moisturizing effect.

Head note: Lavender, Freesia
Middle note: Rose, Melon
Base note: Patchouli, Musk

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Weight 100 g