Cocktail Berry Aqua Perfume


“ A glass of wine with seductive berry sweets brings you a perfect party night ”

Our signature fragrance. A temptation of red wine with freshly ripped Kyoho grapes blended with crushed sweet berries and marshmallow, smoothened and mellowed with a musky and powdery scent. This impressive combo of aroma brings you to the vineyard and soaks you in grape wine.

Size: 60ml


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Head note: Kyoho Grape
Middle note: Marshmallow, Berries
Base note: White Musk, Powdery

Hold the perfume away 20cm from your body and spray it on your skin, clothes and hair.
To achieve the best result, we suggest to spray 2-3 times a day to keep yourself scented and hold the attractive top note all day long.

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Weight 320 g