Blue Summer Hand Cream


Blue Summer Hand Cream


Daily moisturizing 

  • Light and non-greasy texture
  • More than 95% natural ingredients
  • Protective formulation
  • For summer or daily moisturizing 
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    • South Asia Mango Butter

Extracted from natural mango seed, Mango Butter contains rich vitamin C, A and Omega9. It can pump up or skin and smooth lines, giving us back a healthy youthful glow. Mango Butter can quickly be absorbed by our skin and excellent for softening skin cuticle, moisturizing and preventing dry lines. It is also effective for anti-aging and accelerating skin recovery.


    • Spain Sweet Almond Oil

Containing super luxuriant vitamin A, E and unsaturated fat, Sweet Almond Oil is an efficient antioxidant, effective in protecting our skin from the ham of UV light and free radicals, smoothing wrinkles and retreating spots. The high permeability of Sweet Almond Oil enables it quickly moisturize our skin and soften cuticles and instantly soothes irritated skin.


    • Ghana Shea Butter

Natural Shea Butter has sufficient vitamin A, D, E and F, providing plenty of anti-aging nutrients as well as a moisturizer to our skin. The plant oil of Shea Butter can form a protective layer on our skin, preventing water loss and the harm from UV light.


    • South Europe Squalane

Derived from olive oil, Squalance can instantly penetrate our skin and recover the damaged skin cells, It forms a protective layer to prevent water loss, the dirt and germs in the air and block the harm from UV light.


    • Spain Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil contains abundant linoleic acid which helps our skin to absorb vitamin C and E, effectively prevent dark spots and anti-aging. Mon-greasy texture enables a high permeability of Grapeseed Oil, instantly and deeply moisturizing our skin.

  • Apply the hand cream when your hands feel dry then gently massage it 
  • Use it before sleep. Gently apply it and massage for absorption. Apply more and cover it with gloves when you feel very dry.

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Weight 100 g