Our Service

Lisa & Sara offer a comprehensive fragrance solution for all different kinds of scent marketing inspirations and needs.

Surveying & Assessment 
We will survey and assess your space to find out the best fragrance solution by detecting the airflow and reviewing floor plan.

Personalised Scenting Service
We can design and create a personalised and iconic scent for you depending on the requirement of the customer. Free trail and fragrance sample will be given for testing.

Provide Affordable Solution Plan
Depending on customers’ budget and requirements, providing the most affordable scenting solution plan.

Provide OEM Service 
We provide product design, manufacturing and packaging 

Professional Perfumer Service 
Our qualified perfumer can provide professional scenting suggestions to improve your current aroma problem and difficulties.

Why Scent Marketing?

Scent is a kind of art and a powerful force of marketing. It evokes emotions that directly lead people’s perception and generate desires. By diffusing pleasant aroma in a space, it helps enhancing your brand value and identity, establishing emotional ties with your customers and proactively driving sales growth.

Create a cohesive and iconic Brand Image

Build up an Attractive Environment

Provide an excellent Customer Experience

Scent can create an impression associated with a brand and subtly influence a customer’s view of a brand. Customers will easily remember the brand and recall it when they smell the same or similar scent later.

Scent can affect customers’ perception of quality and their willingness of staying in the environment. An attractive environment always encourage your customers to stay longer and spend more. 

Scent can cultivate an excellent atmosphere for shopping. An attractive scent can provide the sense of enjoyment and increase the interest of consumption.

Enhance Brand Recognition

Boost up Sales Growth

Maintain a close Connection with Customers

Scent can represent the characteristic and image of a brand which also helps people easily recognize and verify the existence of a brand.

The incentive of consumption usually influenced by emotions and environment. Lovely scent can create a positive motivation to customer and increase the possibility of consuming more.

Scent have a powerful ability to trigger memory. When smell connect the brand and customer experience, it can maintain and build up a long-lasting relation.

It's for all kinds of Business!

Smell is the strongest sense and links to the part of our brain that controls memories and emotions. This makes scents can be widely used in different industries to create an INCENTIVE for their customers and staff to attain different business goals.


We design and manufacture hotel personal care products in our Hong Kong laboratory, such reed diffusers, bath products, and skincare souvenirs; and also provide unique aroma service for scent marketing campaign.

Spa / Beauty Salon / Hair Salon

We have one stop creation and production services such as scent creation, massage product formulation, facial care products, body care products with OEM production in our Hong Kong laboratory.

Office / Exhibition / Bank

We can tailor make a scent to fit your company image, such as fresh scent at reception area for welcoming guests and customers. We also provide tailor made gift sets for company events or parties.

Fitness Centre / Club house

Welcome guests with a clean and refreshing scent at the fitness area! We can also provide a scent with a theme if the clubhouse area has special design.

Retail shops / Boutiques / Accessories

We can create a scent that is related to your products such as candy scent for candy store, woody scent for furniture store or floral scent for flower shop to enhance customer experience.

Residential / Service Apartment

If you’d like your home full of scents to welcome friends and families, we provide fragrance oil monthly refill and diffuser machine maintenance service.

Clinics / Health Centres

Clinics don’t always have to smell like medicines, a clean and fresh atmosphere can start from a comfortable grass scent .

Shopping Malls / Entertainments

We can provide a clean and fresh scent for refreshing restroom area, and OEM gift sets for marketing promotion.

For all kinds of service, we offer personalised formulation and OEM service which brings you an iconic scent and unique products.

Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.

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