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Experience the ultimate indulgence with our signature fragrance, a tantalizing blend of freshly-ripped Kyoho grapes, sweet berries, marshmallow, and a musky and powdery scent. This impressive combo of aromas brings back memories of childhood parties, carefree happiness, and a life filled with joyful celebrations. Let us transport you to the vineyard and immerse you in the rich and luxurious scent of red wine. With every spritz, you’ll feel the essence of happiness, reliving your fondest memories and creating new ones. So, embrace the present moment and enjoy life to the fullest with our unforgettable fragrance. Make every day a party and indulge in the sweet scent of success.

scents of cocktail berry

Kyoho Grape

The scent of Kyoho Grape is the soul note of cocktail berry, which is a sweet and juicy aroma that transports you to a luscious vineyard. With its unique blend of grape and berry notes, it is a popular choice for those who love fruity and refreshing scents. Our fragrance captures the essence of Kyoho Grapes, creating a distinct and alluring scent that is perfect for any occasion. Experience the sweetness and freshness of Kyoho Grape in our fragrance and let it elevate your senses to a new level of indulgence.


Marshmallow is a sweet and dreamy scent that evokes feelings of nostalgia and comfort. Its deliciously creamy aroma is reminiscent of fluffy, freshly roasted marshmallows, which evoke happy memories of childhood and joyful moments spent around the campfire. Our expert perfumers have carefully crafted this fragrance to capture the essence of this beloved treat, blending notes of vanilla, sugar, and soft musk to create a scent that is both indulgent and sophisticated. The result is a fragrance that is perfect for those who crave a touch of sweetness and warmth in their lives. Immerse yourself in the delightful aroma of marshmallow and experience the magic for yourself.


Berries are the epitome of nature's sweetness and refreshment. In fragrance products, the scent of berries evokes a feeling of energy and vitality. The scent is a delightful blend of juicy sweetness, tartness, and a touch of floral notes, making it an alluring and delicious fragrance choice. The aroma of berries is a perfect way to awaken the senses and create a sense of joy and playfulness. Whether it's in a perfume, body lotion, or candle, the scent of berries instantly lifts the mood and brightens the day. Indulge in the scent of berries and let it transport you to a world of sweetness and happiness.

White Musk

Experience the indulgent and sophisticated aroma of Cocktail Berry perfume, enriched with the delicate notes of white musk. Our experts have crafted this fragrance with the finest synthetic musk to ensure the well-being of our animal friends. Our white musk is derived from sustainable plant sources, making it an environmentally friendly option. The infusion of white musk in the base note creates a distinct richness and softness, ideal for the confident, modern woman. With its long-lasting formula, this perfume is the ultimate statement accessory that will leave a lasting impression. Discover the captivating allure of white musk with Cocktail Berry perfume today.

white Sugar

The sweet scent of white sugar is beloved by many, evoking memories of childhood treats and sugary delights. In fragrance products, the aroma of white sugar brings a playful and indulgent element to the mix, adding a touch of sweetness to any composition. Its pure and simple scent is perfect for those who enjoy a clean and refreshing fragrance, with a hint of sweetness that uplifts the senses. White sugar's ability to evoke positive emotions and nostalgia is what makes it such a popular choice in fragrance products. Let the irresistible scent of white sugar transport you to a world of happiness and sweetness, and indulge in the simple pleasures of life.