About Online shopping

If you have any enquiry on the product received, please contact us for follow-up:

Email: service@lisasara.com
Tel: +852 31639245
Store Location: https://lisasara.com.hk/shop-finder/

If you have to modify your order or delivery information, please contact us within 3 days after you placed the order for further follow-up.

Email: service@lisasara.com
Tel: +852 31639245

By creating an online shop account, your personal details will be saved. It is more convenience and allows you to view previous online orders.

It is not the same. The online shop account is for online shop order only and unable to join the Membership Program, therefore you are unable to redeem any any cash discount or enjoy member discount on Online shop if you are joining Membership Program at our retail store. If you are our member and wish to receive order by delivery, please contact us by following method for follow-up:

Mail: service@lisasara.com
Tel: +852 31639245
Facebook Messenger: Lisa & Sara
Instagram Direct: lisa.and.sara

If you wish to pick up you order at store, please make pre-order on Facebook, Instagram Direct, by phone or email, choose the pick up location and settle payment. You order will be fulfilled within 7 to 14 working days.