Make It Simple • Make It Worth • Made with Love

LISA & SARA is a Hong Kong fragrance and personal care brand established in 2014. The first handcraft reed diffuser was introduced by our brand founders and perfumer who have strong passion in fragrance, rich chemical engineering knowledge, and sophisticated working experience in the world top fragrance company. At the very beginning, LISA & SARA launched products in local handicraft market and gradually gained popularity. Our perfumer explored and created different but unique and memorable scent experience through the story of our customers. We strongly believe that scent is not purely olfactory enjoyment, it is recognized as the art of lifestyle and a way to comfort your soul. Thus, we are dedicated to create fragrance products with Hong Kong characteristics for Asians.

Adhere to the spirit of “Made in Hong Kong ,” we strive to provide the best products and services to our customers with high quality raw materials and exploring special formula to create popular scent. In order to do ensure our product quality, we have established our laboratory and factory based in Hong Kong.  Our whole process of formula creation, products blending, filling and packaging are all done in Hong Kong and are strictly controlled. Our creativity and intention successfully attracted worldwide customers and we will continue to bring “Hong Kong Production” to the world.